The World Retail Banking Report website lets you interactively explore customer experience data for banking customers across 32 countries, six regions, five channels and multiple products and lifecycles. The data for the graphs comes from the Global Retail Banking Voice of the Customer Survey which is described under Methodology.

Using the Website

From the Home page, click to view data by product, channel or lifecycle or explore the report through custom graphs. On the Key Data screen, use the drop down menus to draw the graphs with new data points and click Share to post your custom graph to Facebook or Twitter.

You must Register on the site in order to download reports. If you are already registered on another FS world report website (e.g., World Wealth Report, World Insurance Report) then you can use the same login and password for the World Retail Banking Report site.

Available Data

This website uses data that is published in the World Retail Banking Report 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015 and 2016. More data may be available through paid engagements by using the Contact Us form.

2016 Global Retail Banking Voice of the Customer Survey

A global survey of customer attitudes toward retail banking forms the basis of the tenth annual World Retail Banking Report. Our comprehensive Retail Banking Voice of the Customer Survey polled over 16,000 retail banking customers in 32 countries. The survey sought to gain deep insight into customer preferences, expectations, and behaviors with respect to specific types of retail banking transactions. The survey questioned customers on their general satisfaction with their bank, the importance of specific channels for executing different types of transactions, and their satisfaction with those transactions, among other factors. The survey also questioned customers on their likelihood to stay, refer a friend, purchase another product from their bank, why they choose to stay with/change their bank, and their behavior toward using products/services from fintech firms. We supplemented these detailed findings with in depth interviews with senior banking executives around the world.

Capgeminiā€™s Proprietary Customer Experience Index (CEI)

The responses from the global Retail Banking Voice of the Customer Survey, which analyzed customer experiences across 80 data points, provide the underlying input for our proprietary CEI. The CEI calculates a customer experience score that can be analyzed across a number of variables. The scores provide insight on how customers perceive the quality of their bank interactions. They can be dissected by product, channel and lifecycle stage, as well as by demographic variables, such as country, age, investable assets and comfort level with technology. The result is an unparalleled view of how customers regard their banks, and the specific levers banks can push to increase the number of positive experiences for customers. The index provides a foundation for banks to develop an overall retail delivery strategy that will increase satisfaction in ways that are most meaningful to customers.